This page has links that are valuable to me:
  • Applications: (they’re all free)
    • Firefox add-ons:
      • Firebug. I use it heavily to debug html and CSS. It also allows you to edit CSS styles on the fly! Very powerful.
      • DownThemAll!. Speeds up your downloads by splitting the file in chunks and downloading each chunk in a separate http request. It really works!
      • Live HTTP Headers. See the HTTP headers of the pages you visit
      • Web Developer. I use it mostly to resize my browser window to 1024×768 pixels to see how a low res monitor sees my web pages.
    • Text Editors:
      • Notepad2: Don’t you just hate how Notepad does not have a good undo history, how its word wrap view is buggy, and it has no code highlighting? Well all of that is a thing of the past with Notepad2.
      • Sublime Text: I’ve been using this one over Notepad++, mostly because it looks better. All your text files use a different tab on the same window. If you don’t like that, use Notepad2.
      • Notepad++: I use it to write php code. I like that it has a tab for each file you have open as opposed to one window for each. For coding I like tabs, for regular text files (because I usually don’t open too many at once) I prefer Notepad2
    • Visual Studio Extensions:
      • VsVim: Use a vim-like text editor inside Visual Studio
      • Xaml Formatter: VS does not do a good job at formatting Xaml, this extension fixes that. When you write Xaml you often set several attributes to the same element in separate lines; one line per attribute. This plugin aligns all those attributes to start in the same “column” as the first attribute defined. To format your Xaml, select the Tools > Format XAML menu item (which you can add a hotkey to)
      • Highlight all Occurrences of Selected Word: The name describes what it does very well. It highlights the selected word in bright green.
      • AttachTo: Allows you to quickly attach to IIS Express (or IIS or NUnit) for debugging. It adds a menu item to the Tools menu (which you can add a hotkey to)
    • FileZilla: The best Windows FTP client and server I’ve used. You can also access files on servers (probably Linux) using the SCP or SFTP.
    • .NET Reflector: Great tool for analyzing and decompiling .NET assemblies.
    • Photoshop look alike. I love how it can adjust the colors of your photos. It can make the colors in your photo be like the colors you saw when you took it. It’s open source and
      made with .NET .
    • DiskLED: a little application that sits in the system tray and flickers whenever the hard disk is accessed. This one is great if the physical hard drive light is not easily accessible to you.

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