EMF Meter Comparison (ED88T, ED78S, Trifield 100XE)

After searching for the right EMF meter for my home, I decided to buy the Cornet ED88T. On this post you will find why.

These are four types of EMFs that you want to measure in areas where you spend a significant amount of time:

  1. Microwave Radiation
    • Sources: wireless technology like Wi-Fi routers, cell towers, cordless phones and “smart” meters
  2. Magnetic Fields
    • Sources: power lines, improper home wiring and appliances
    • Health: They decrease the immune system and are known to be carcinogenic3
  3. Electric Fields
    • Sources: unshielded electrical wiring
    • Health: They rob you of a good night’s sleep3
  4. Dirty Electricity
    • DE are the frequencies that travel on your home wiring from things like solar power inverters, florescent lighting, dimmer switches and wireless “smart” meters)
EMF type Cornet ED88T Cornet ED78S Trifield 100XE
Microwave Radiation  Yes  Yes  Yes, but not accurate2
Magnetic Fields  Yes  Yes  Yes
Electric Fields   Yes, but the scale is not ideal1  No Yes, but the scale is not ideal2
Dirty Electricity  No  No  No

Once you have the ED88T, you can watch this video to learn how to use it and you’ll probably wonder what the safe maximums are for all the readings:

EMF type Safe Max3 Safe Max in Cornet ED88T screen readings
Microwave Radiation  100 (day) 10 (sleep) microWatts/squared meters (uW/m2)  0.1000(day), 0.0100 (sleep) miliWatts/squared meters (mW/m2)
Magnetic Fields 1.0 milliGauss (mG)  00.10 microTesla (uT)
Electric Fields  Less than 10 V/m  0010. V/M
Dirty Electricity 25-50 Graham-Stetzer Units

Here are some of the readings I’ve collected.

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