“Highlight all occurrences of selected word” extension on Visual Studio 2013

I love the Highlight all occurrences of selected word Visual Sutdio 2012 extension. But yeah, it does not run on Visual Studio 2013… unless you tweak it.

Download the tweaked version here.

Or if you want to tweak it yourself, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the extension from the official site. You will get a SelectionHighlight.vsix file.
  2. Rename SelectionHighlight.vsix to SelectionHighlight.zip
  3. Extract the zip file
  4. Open the extension.vsixmanifest file in a text editor
  5. Edit <VisualStudio Version=”11.0″> to <VisualStudio Version=”12.0″>. Save the file.
  6. Select all the extracted files including your edited one (they are around 6). Zip the files.
  7. Rename the resulting *.zip file to *.vsix.
  8. Double click the .vsix file to install the tweaked extension.