Customizing the Contact form in Outlook 2010

Most of my Outlook contacts are personal contacts, not business contacts. So I don’t have their business phone or address. By default the business phone field is the first on the list of phones on the contact form. And the business address is the only one that shows by default.

With a lot more work that what it should be, I was able to change the fields from this:


To this:


I was only able to do this on New Contacts, I did not continue trying to figure out how to edit my existing contacts to use this new field format.


To do so go to Outlook 2010 and add the Developer Menu Item by going to “File > Options > Customize Ribbon“ and select the Developer item on the tree view:


Hit the OK button to save your changes.

Go to your contacts and hit the “New Contact” button:



Change the fields to your liking by hitting on the drop down arrow next to the field name:


Go to the Developer item on the Ribbon and select Publish Form As:


Give your new form a Display Name and a Form name and hit Publish.


The form name is the one you’ll look for when setting the form as the default form, the Display name is the one you’ll see on the “New Contact” button.

Close the “New Contact” window you have open, if it asks you if you want to save changes say no.


We now want to make our new published form the default Contact form. To do this , right click on the Contacts folder:


Hit properties. Then update the “when posting to this folder, use” field to your new form and hit OK to save your changes:



Your new contact form will now be used on all new Contacts.

Sadly I could not find a straight forward way to make existing contacts use the new Form. If you figure out how to do this, let me know!

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