C# Self Destruct Console App

Just call this method at the very end of your C# application to delete application’s executable file.

        /// <summary>
        /// This method deletes the exe that calls it.
        /// This method must be called right at the end of the application.
        /// </summary>
        private static void SelfDestroy()
            var startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo();
            startInfo.FileName = "cmd.exe";
            startInfo.RedirectStandardInput = true;
            startInfo.UseShellExecute = false;

            var process = new Process();
            process.StartInfo = startInfo;

            // The delay is just making sure the exe to delete is done
            // running.
            var delayPings = 2;
            var exeName = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.FriendlyName;
            process.StandardInput.WriteLine("(ping -n " + delayPings + " && (del /Q " + exeName + ")");

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