What I don’t (and do) miss about teaching

I suddenly realized that my life after work has gotten a lot better and it is not just because I’m only working (not studying since I got my MBA); I’m also not teaching.

In case you did not know, I’m no longer teaching any courses at http://neumont.edu, I’m now only their software developer. Even though I’m always very busy, I almost never do any work when I’m at home.

Teaching felt al lot like when you’re a student. You can always be doing something to make your course delivery better. Just like students can always be making their assignments better or studying more to get a better grade. ALWAYS, you could ALWAYS be doing something. Just knowing that I could be doing something for my class sometimes did not let me fully enjoy the other things I was doing.

Well, but there are things I do miss about teaching… You learn a lot when you do class prep; even though I still read and use new technologies, I’m not learning as much as when I taught. And I miss helping students; I really cared about the people in my classroom and it felt good when you looked back at all the stuff you helped them learn.


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