Dear Injury Diary…

Last week (Tuesday I believe) when playing racquetball I took a dive to reach for the ball. As I was hitting it with the racket on my right hand, I was supporting my body with the left arm, but I was heading to the wall at a 45 degree angle. I was going to hit the wall with my left shoulder and face. So I stopped myself with the left arm. Since my legs were still carrying momentum, they made my body rotate sending my legs to the right and twisting my left shoulder until it made a “crunch” sound.

After 20 seconds of intense pain it started feeling almost entirely normal. After 20 minutes there was no pain at all. But since the next day until today I’ve had mild pain and I cannot put my arm in certain positions. I don’t feel like it’s healing at all!

I do have to say the game was fun. I felt I was playing at my 100%. My dive was very close to being successful but I still missed and that was the definitive point that made me lose the game. The game was somewhat tight, making it a lot of fun.


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