Noah dominated Pedro

Yeah, it sucks but Noah won on the racquetball match yesterday. The score was 15-1 15-2 or maybe it was 15-3 on the second game, either way he dominated.

For some reason my serve was not working at all. Last year I had a really good serve where I placed the ball right in the opponent’s left hand corner. When it got really close to the sidewall, it was almost a guaranteed point, and when it was not that close at least the opponent would have to hit the ball on an uncomfortable position sometimes giving me a nice way to go for a kill or at least get him in trouble.

Well, I just need to practice. It was fun though. All my muscles are hurting; legs, arms, my calves are the worst. I even got small blisters on my feet from the fast changes in direction. Good times …

Hopefully the blisters heal quickly because I think I’m going to Saint Jeorge for the first bike ride of the year! Sait Jeorge is still in Utah, it’s about 5 driving hours south and the temperature is much warmer. It will definitely be around 60F (16C) over there, maybe warmer.


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