Home Internet Finally Working!

For the last 3 weeks, I’ve been having problems with my internet at home. It’s been terribly slow and since my phone line also goes over the internet, my phone has not been working either.

The problem was very difficult to find, and at the end the comcast technician recommended me to change my wireless router “because it interferes with the comcast modem”. He’s really not sure what type of interference it is but he had seen the problem at another client’s house. The router was a D-Link DIR-655 and the comcast modem is an Aaris TM502G (it’s one of those that also has a phone outlet as well as ethernet).  The imaginary interference was not a problem, it was this.

Just to be clear, the landlord upstairs uses the phone outlet in the Aaris and I hook up my Lingo phone adapter on the ethernet output of the Aaris. And I then hook up the wireless router to the output of Lingo. So we’re running 2 phone lines over the 6mbps comcast connection and my router serves a total of 6 computers. But I’d say that we usually only have 2 or 3 connected simultaneously. All computers are connected wirelessly.

I did not believe him at first because my $120 D-Link DIR-655 router had been working excellent for about 6 months. But I replaced it with my old D-Link WBR-2310 and the connection speed is back to normal. It’s been working ok since yesterday. The imaginary interference was not a problem, it was this.

But there is a reason why I replaced the WBR-2310 router, it drops packets. I remember I could not watch http://nbc.com/theoffice without having choppy video. So I’ll give my old router a chance to redeem itself. If it does not work I’m going to go with what the comcast technician thinks is the most common router he sees working OK: the Linksys black/blue ones with two antennas. I’m sure you’ve seen them before.

Why are routers such a pain in the ass?


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