St. George Bike Trip

The bike trip to St George was a complete success; I had a great time!

I uploaded some pictures here in case you want to check them out

We did 11 miles on Saturday at the Bearclaw Poppy Trail and 8 miles on Sunday at the Church Rocks Loop.


first bike ride of the year

I’m in st jeorge and the weather is perfect for biking. We rode 11 miles today. They were mostly flat but my legs were about to cramp up. That is what a winter of no riding will do to you.

More details to come when I get back home.

Noah dominated Pedro

Yeah, it sucks but Noah won on the racquetball match yesterday. The score was 15-1 15-2 or maybe it was 15-3 on the second game, either way he dominated.

For some reason my serve was not working at all. Last year I had a really good serve where I placed the ball right in the opponent’s left hand corner. When it got really close to the sidewall, it was almost a guaranteed point, and when it was not that close at least the opponent would have to hit the ball on an uncomfortable position sometimes giving me a nice way to go for a kill or at least get him in trouble.

Well, I just need to practice. It was fun though. All my muscles are hurting; legs, arms, my calves are the worst. I even got small blisters on my feet from the fast changes in direction. Good times …

Hopefully the blisters heal quickly because I think I’m going to Saint Jeorge for the first bike ride of the year! Sait Jeorge is still in Utah, it’s about 5 driving hours south and the temperature is much warmer. It will definitely be around 60F (16C) over there, maybe warmer.

killing time…

I’m at the gym waiting for carol to pick me up. I knew she was going to be a little late but I did not want to swim more than usuall. Actually, I swam 10 minutes less than the normal 50 minutes because I have my second racquetball match of the Neumont tournament tomorrow. It’s against Noah and he always kicks my butt; I want to make sure I’m not tired. I’m sure the fact that this is my second game in a year will not help, but I’ll still do my best.

Ok, internet is NOW working …

So after only one quick test I believed the comcast guy that there was some sort of weird “interference” between my specific router model and the modem they gave me. He was wrong!

After replacing my router with a new and very common linksys router, the error was still happening. So I did a ton of more debugging and it turns out that the people upstairs were torrenting!!! Why didn’t I think of that before! So I banned the guilty computer from my wireless router and things are working excellent =) . I am SOOO happy!!

Home Internet Finally Working!

For the last 3 weeks, I’ve been having problems with my internet at home. It’s been terribly slow and since my phone line also goes over the internet, my phone has not been working either.

The problem was very difficult to find, and at the end the comcast technician recommended me to change my wireless router “because it interferes with the comcast modem”. He’s really not sure what type of interference it is but he had seen the problem at another client’s house. The router was a D-Link DIR-655 and the comcast modem is an Aaris TM502G (it’s one of those that also has a phone outlet as well as ethernet).  The imaginary interference was not a problem, it was this.

Just to be clear, the landlord upstairs uses the phone outlet in the Aaris and I hook up my Lingo phone adapter on the ethernet output of the Aaris. And I then hook up the wireless router to the output of Lingo. So we’re running 2 phone lines over the 6mbps comcast connection and my router serves a total of 6 computers. But I’d say that we usually only have 2 or 3 connected simultaneously. All computers are connected wirelessly.

I did not believe him at first because my $120 D-Link DIR-655 router had been working excellent for about 6 months. But I replaced it with my old D-Link WBR-2310 and the connection speed is back to normal. It’s been working ok since yesterday. The imaginary interference was not a problem, it was this.

But there is a reason why I replaced the WBR-2310 router, it drops packets. I remember I could not watch without having choppy video. So I’ll give my old router a chance to redeem itself. If it does not work I’m going to go with what the comcast technician thinks is the most common router he sees working OK: the Linksys black/blue ones with two antennas. I’m sure you’ve seen them before.

Why are routers such a pain in the ass?

Racquetball Tournament

Another Neumont Racquetball Tournament started this past week. I played my first game yesterday and I won =). But on the second game I’m going to play a tough opponent. I’ll play the winner of a game where Noah Lagenwalter is playing. I’ve played Noah several times before and he always wins. And I have not played at all since the last tournament so things are looking tough. But who knows, maybe I’ll be lucky, or the endurance gained when mountain biking last year will help… We’ll see…