Finally Some Sun!

On the weekend (I think Sunday) it started raining/snowing from about 4pm and it kept going into the freezing night. For cars with old locks like mine, this means opening your door in the morning will be a pain. You see, the water goes into the door locks and into the space between the door and the door frames and when night comes, it freezes.

To open the locks I have mastered the “blow through a straw into the lock” technique, I have found this is the best of all techniques. It’s even better than the “heat your key with a lighter” technique that I used for many years. After a minute or two of doing that, you’re able to open the lock. Some people might think you could blow into the lock without the straw but BE WARNED, your lips will get stuck to the lock.


And unlocking the door is just half the battle. After that you need to find a door that is not frozen shut; but since there are four of them, one of them usually opens after a tough pull. Once you’re in the car, you can push open any door as long as the actual lever that grabs the door frame is not frozen (which has happened to me twice on the driver’s door).

Once you’ve regained access to your car you need to remember to leave a door unlocked because the frozen water in the locks will not get out until the weather get’s well above freezing point. And your locks will get back to being frozen shut after the heat from your breath goes away.

So I’ve been with my car unlocked since the weekend. And I actually forgot to leave it unlocked last night! But  I was lucky enough that it was sunny this morning and some rays were able to hit the passenger door through the trees.


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