Blackberry upgrade

Since the new Blackberry Storm came out (the one that is similar to the iPhone), several Neumont employees tried really hard to get Neumont get it for them. Neumont did not see the business benefit of the upgrade since it was really not going to make them more efficient at their work, but Neumont allowed them to upgrade at their own expense and some did.

I did not want to pay for the latest and greatest, but I did put in practice some office scavenging.

Scavenger: An animal, such as a bird or insect, that feeds on dead or decaying matter

It’s a funny thing, office scavenging. I’ve been at Neumont for almost 6 years and that is why I have my two 20 inch flat screen monitors, my chair of choice, and now the BlackBerry 8703e. When I was a faculty member, I scavenged my way into the best cube. I had windows with an excellent view all around.

Now that I’m a member of the IT dept, I share a windowless office with 3 other guys. I actually do not miss the glare and brightness that came from the huge windows in my previous cube. It strained my eyes and gave me headaches some times.

Back to the blackberry, i was upgraded from this:


to this:


The bigger screen and full keyboard are a humongous difference. Before, I would wait to reply to non-critical emails until I got to my computer but I now use the berry for those as well. Also, I can type in Spanish a lot faster. My old blackberry only “smart typed” well in English. Browsing the internet is faster and more things fit on the screen. Good stuff.

The only thing I envy from the blackberry Storm is that is has a camera. If my berry had a camera I could take pictures of the “daily happenings” and publish them on my blog.


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