I saw dead people

I went last night to the "Body Worlds" exhibit http://theleonardo.org/bodyworlds/index.php where I saw plastinated bodies like this one:


I thought the exhibit was going to be very eerie, and it was,, but not too much. It really felt like this one time in high school when we were supposed to have a presentation about a human body part. Our group was assigned the feet and we had the excellent idea of bringing in some chicken feet to show how the ligaments moved the fingers. Needless to say it was really gross, I still remember the raw chicken flesh smell. Of course we bought the chicken feet at a local market, we did not harm a chicken just for the sake of our HS presentation =).

Anyway, the exhibit ended at 9pm and I had not had dinner. I would normally be starved by that time but I was really not very hungry and I was definitely not craving anything with meat. Also, I felt like I really had to wash my hands even though I did not touch any of the bodies. I mean, I always wash my hands before eating but even before I left the exhibit, I had a great desire to wash them.

This other weird thought crossed my mind: Being in the exhibit, I was breathing the air that touched the bodies, and that made me uncomfortable, at least for 30 seconds. But I did not panic and after a while I did not think about it again.

Well, besides the weirdness. I learned TONS of good educational facts. And just being able to appreciate the complexity of the human body makes it worth your money ($22 + $2.50 online booking fee). I’m glad I went.


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