Working with Open Source Code

At Neumont, we began using Moodle as our Learning Management System. Moodle is an open source project that is constantly being maintained by the community. And since we have tons of developers at Neumont, we also make our own updates to the code.

In case you wonder why software developers need 2 monitors, here is why…  There are really many reasons, like you write the code in one monitor and you test it in the other one. But yesterday they were extremely helpful and it was not because of this.

Yesterday, I incorporated the community updates in our local copy of the code. The community touched about 800 files out of which 60 had to be added, about the same amount had to be removed, and the remaining ones had to be updated. Of the updated ones we had 20 files with conflicts. I used the monitors for the conflict resolution.


It took me close to a couple of hours just to resolve the conflicts on those 20 files (mostly because it was the first time I did this) but it would have taken at least double if I only had one monitor.

In case you’re wondering: I used WinMerge to compare our code with the community’s code (seen on the left monitor) and TortoiseSVN’s diff tool to see which were the changes we made to our code (seen on the right monitor).

Things worked great on my local installation of Moodle, now I now have to update our shared test environment so we can thoroughly test the upgrade. Good times!


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