Moab and Arches Park

This last weekend, Carol and I went to Moab to camp at Arches Park. We arrived to the park at 6pm on Friday and that was too late to find a campsite on the park. So we drove around nearby campgrounds to and all the sites were taken!

For the first time in all our Arches Park trips, we had to stay at a hotel (it was really an Inn) in the Town. But that was not too bad since we had dinner across the street and I had the best margarita pizza I have ever had.

We woke up early on Saturday morning and were able to get a site at Arches. We did my favorite hike: Devil’s Garden, and we did other small hikes like the window arches and park avenue.

On Sunday we decided not to do any hikes and just head back home so we would not be tired on Monday.

And then on Sunday night, carol broke her toe!! … I’ll write about this in a separate post….

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