I donated blood today

Being dizzy for 10 minutes and giving an hour of your time is a is worth it when you help save a life. And it is not dangerous to your health. The only way you could could get some disease is if the needle is not clean, but I trust the Red Cross and they always use a new sterile needle per donor. Check out http://givelife.org¬† if you’d like to find out more about donating.

Carol started school

It is official, Carol is a student at the Arts Institute of Salt Lake City. Her first class was yesterday and the teacher seemed knowledgeable. Carol is happy =)

She is now working part time at the interior design firm. Wednesdays and Fridays for 8 hours and the remaining 4 hours she can do from home.

She is at school for 8 hours on Monday and 4 hours on Thursday, so she is a part time student. She is one class away from being full time. If we ever become permanent residents of the US, we would get a student loan and she would be a full time student.

Carol fractured her toe

The one next to her right pinky toe. It happened this past Sunday, she was walking barefoot next to one of the suit cases we took camping and BAM! She hit her toe on one of the wheels at the bottom of the case.

We were not sure if it was really broken since all injuries on the toes hurt quite a bit. But on Monday morning it was still hurting just as bad and decided to go to the local Urgent care. And yeah, the X-rays confirmed it.

So Carol now has a stylish black sandal on her right foot that does not let her bend her toes when she walks.

I do remember the doctor saying that he knew it was a fracture even before he took the X-rays. He knew because the toe turned purplish, he explained that when the bone breaks, it "bleeds" and makes the injure purple, interesting.

Moab and Arches Park

This last weekend, Carol and I went to Moab to camp at Arches Park. We arrived to the park at 6pm on Friday and that was too late to find a campsite on the park. So we drove around nearby campgrounds to and all the sites were taken!

For the first time in all our Arches Park trips, we had to stay at a hotel (it was really an Inn) in the Town. But that was not too bad since we had dinner across the street and I had the best margarita pizza I have ever had.

We woke up early on Saturday morning and were able to get a site at Arches. We did my favorite hike: Devil’s Garden, and we did other small hikes like the window arches and park avenue.

On Sunday we decided not to do any hikes and just head back home so we would not be tired on Monday.

And then on Sunday night, carol broke her toe!! … I’ll write about this in a separate post….

Web Service Invoker Application

I ran into this awesome open source tool for invoking web services. It looks at the wsdl file of the service and gives you a nice UI to enter the parameters that you wish to send over.

Tool name: Storm (previously named SoapBits)

The author’s page: http://geekswithblogs.net/Erik/archive/2008/05/10/122038.aspx

The codeplex page: http://www.codeplex.com/storm