Cecret Lake

This past weekend Carol and I decided that we were going to go hiking about twice a week after work to prepare ourselves for some backpack-camping. So off we went yesterday to Cecret (it’s not a typo, that is how you spell it) Lake. It was a really nice hike, you were pretty much hiking at the top of the Alta ski resort:

DSC00508 DSC00518

But since we were so high, it was pretty cold, I would estimate 40F. And it took us longer that what we thought. Going up the canyon takes about 25 minutes if you’re going that high. So we got to the trail at 7pm, we only had one hour of sunlight left.

We concluded that it was too late in the season for going camping in the mountains around SLC. But hopefully we keep the hikes up. We just need to be better protected from the cold and get there earlier.

Carol is now working closer to home

In a previous post I told you that Carol’s daily commute was 45 minutes; one way. But Linc Hospitality decided to move their office from Farmington to downtown Salt Lake, close to the Capitol Building. So her commute is now 25 mins one way. We’re happy =)

Chrome; Google's new web browser

So Google came out with a web browser: http://www.google.com/chrome . They are taking over the world. I hope they really follow their code of conduct: "Don’t be evil" http://investor.google.com/conduct.html .

The browser loads super fast and has Google’s signature look (very clean). They claim javascript runs faster than most browsers and that it is more stable when running plugins like flash and silverlight.

I feel bad for Mozilla. It has been my bread and butter for so long. Only time will tell what happens to it, but things are not looking good for them. If someone is not using IE, that means that they are not afraid to try stuff out, so they will try Chrome, and Chrome is looking good.