Carol's Birthday was on Saturday

But she has tons of homework so we decided to take it easy. We had great food and went to the movies to watch the Mummy. Carol loves all the Mummy movies, I’m not sure why. I mean, they are good, but she thinks they are great.

Foodwise we went Friday night for some wine and garlik bread at  Buca di Beppo, they bake their own bread and they make the best mozzarella+garlick bread we have ever tried. It is awesome. It’s funny because the waitress was surprised when we told her we were only going to eat their bread =). We were really not that hungry so we just ordered their large size bread.

On Saturday we went to Tsunami, the best sushi place I know in SLC. Carol is not a sushi fan but it is also her favorite dining place, they serve something called a Lunch Box where you can choose two entrees.  Carol always chooses the teriyaki steak and the chicken with something that I can’t remember. The lunch boxes come with tempura vegetables and some other things. Everything in that lunch box is delicious. My two entrees are usually sushi and the teriyaki steak.

To finish the birthday night (Saturday), we went to see the latest Mummy movie. Carol thought it was good but was a bit disappointed because Brendan Fraiser’s wife was not the same actress as the previous two movies.

Ohh,, I almost forgot, we also went for a hike on Saturday morning. It was just an easy hike to a trail near home




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