Terrible Cold

So I got a nasty cold that started wednesday night. I called in sick on Thursday thinking that was going to be the worst day. But nope, I was miserable all friday and Saturday. On Sunday I just felt terrible (which is better than miserable). Monday I drugged myself to work and I worked drug-free today, but I’m definitely not ok.
To make things worse, my bike is already home from the shop after my last wreck and I can’t ride it!!

Carol got a job!

Ok, I’ve been blogging too much today so I’ll make this quick…

2 weeks ago, Carol got a job at an interior design firm that works with hotels called Linc Hospitality. We thought about whether she should take the job or not because she has not finished school but we decided this was an excellent opportunity for Carol since this is exactly what she wants to do when she graduates. Right now carol has an easy load at school so she can study full time. In about 4 months, she might start working only part time; they are ok with that at Linc.

The job is in Farmington, that is about 40 miles north from my house. So carol is now a commuter and we’re thinking about getting a second car. Our 1994 Mazda broke last week and it was a nightmare for her.

To blog or not to blog…

Ok, I’ll blog.
I don’t think my blog will be technology oriented. It’s main purpose is to let my friends know what I’m up to. My friends from Guatemala are clueless as to what I’m up to (I’ve been in the US for almost 5 years!) and I’m also loosing touch with some of my friends from the US.
So stay tuned!
— Pedro